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See what our customers are saying about Fibersonic!
Now that I’m coming up on one year with Fibersonic, I wanted to tell you all how much I love it. I was pleased to break up with my old provider and put my money towards a local company, and the service has been extremely reliable, even when I was working from home every day. I used to have to reboot my router once a week; I only had to restart my Fibersonic gateway once in the past year. And the fast connection is so appreciated. Thanks for making my life noticeably better during this crazy time.
We’re very happy that we made the switch to Fibersonic. We were guided through the installation by professional staff who responded to every question in easy-to-understand terms, making the transition a painless process. There was no gap in service and we’re really happy with the performance and the price. Wish we had made the switch sooner!
Fibersonic is amazing. I've been working remotely since the spring and often have to upload large video files. With Comcast I'd have to start the upload at the end of the day and it would finish during the middle of the night. Now those uploads take just minutes while my 3 kids and my wife are all doing remote work/school. It's been rock solid and I can't praise it highly enough.
After we made the decision to sign up for Fibersonic, we did some homework and picked the streaming service YouTubeTV for our television content. We get over 85 channels which include all the locals and lots of sports without getting socked with additional fees. In addition, we subscribe to Netflix and the Hallmark Channel. Our favorite aspect of YouTubeTV is that you can save your favorite shows using the unlimited DVR storage and fast forward to skip the commercials. When I returned my equipment to my previous provider and they asked me why we choose not to stay with them; I responded by saying that we are saving over $1300.00 per year, they had no more questions. What a great addition Fibersonic is to our town.
The internet with Fibersonic is so much faster and we now do not experience any lagging! In addition, we subscribe to the phone service and we love it, the transition was simple. Throughout the week, we deal with constant customer transactions and not once has the internet gone down where we could not process credit cards. I must say it is so very good not to be with our previous provider any longer.
The Fibersonic install went great this morning. The installer was wonderful. The speed is fantastic. I really appreciate SHELD offering this service, and doing such a great job with installs.
I am so pleased with the Fibersonic Internet Service from SHELD. It's fast, reliable and reasonable priced for all my business needs. But most importantly, I am extremely grateful for the amazing service I have received! From set up, to testing, to follow-up questions, the folks at Fibersonic have taken the pressure off dealing with all that myself, which allows me to focus on other parts of my business. I am thrilled to support a fellow local business that has my best interests at heart. Thank you SHELD and Fibersonic! So grateful for all that you are doing for South Hadley!
I am so glad I dropped my old provider and went with Fibersonic for my internet. The installation process was quick and easy. The speed is lightning fast; no more lagging when I'm streaming movies or TV shows. When I had questions about my Wi-Fi, not only did they help over the phone, I had a technician come over that day, now that's great customer service! I definitely recommend Fibersonic High Speed Internet; I'm glad I made the change.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the service! It’s been 2 weeks and it’s been the best change in our house of the year!